About TrojanFootballStatistics

About the Site:

TrojanFootballStatistics is designed to provide statistical data and analysis beyond what is given by sports sites such as ESPN.  It can be used to give insight to team dynamics, play calling, tendencies, etc.  The page was started for the 2010 football season and continues evolve each season to provide better information to you, the reader.

About the Technology:

TrojanFootballStatistics uses a program which reads through play-by-play text (such as those found on ESPN) and parses it into a usable excel spreadsheet.  It is important to convert all the plain text from a play-by-play into data categories for easy reading by the program.  Once the play-by-play is parsed, it then processes through the data and gathers meaningful stats.  The program was created and developed by the author.

About the Author:

I will begin by stating that I am not a football coach nor a statistician.  Contrary to that, I actually started watching football seriously when I started college and have never taken a statistics class during my entire education.  I graduated from the University of Southern California in 2007 with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Video Game Programming.  My day job consists of programming video games.  Football is only a hobby of mine.  I strive for a deeper understanding of the football I watch to better my enjoyment of the game.


5 responses to “About TrojanFootballStatistics

    • This site was very much inspired by TrojanFootballAnalysis. I read that blog quite a bit and wanted to do supplemental analysis alongside of TFA. Unfortunately, like the TFA blogger, my time has started getting filled with other obligations. Updates to this site will be few and far between.

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