Coming Soon…

The football season is upon us.  I’ve spent a lot of the summer (and the offseason) not posting…sorry about that.  Topics are sometimes hard to come by during the offseason, and time to post here becomes lower priority in my overall life when there aren’t games on Saturday.

Anyways, things should kick back up with this upcoming season.  I expect for this season to have more posts that look at play analysis (similar to the Robert Woods Effect post).  These posts take much longer to research and write, so it may cut back on some of the drier pure numbers posts.

The first post of the season will be looking at how Silas Redd might fit into our offensive run game.  I will review some highlight videos of Redd at Penn State and try to break down the schemes used compared to USC’s schemes.  Unfortunately, time is not on my side for this post.  I will try my best to get it out before Game 1, but it is looking like I will be pulling overtime at work every day this week.  With that in mind, I will do my best to get it out promptly, even if it is after Game 1 (I expect our offense to be pretty vanilla in Game 1 anyways).

I am looking forward to this season and hopefully providing many insightful posts.  See you all soon.


One response to “Coming Soon…

  1. [Redd], a senior, is coming off a season where he gained 1,102 yards at 5.1 yards per carry, and that included nine rushing touchdowns. At 6’1″ and 215 pounds, [Redd] has the power to run over defenders and the speed to run past them. He also has shown he can handle a heavy workload, and he figures to be a central figure in this offense whenever he returns.

    [Admin: Edited the name from “Wood” to “Redd” as I assume the commenter is talking about Redd in this case due to the context of the comment.]

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