Blog Updates and Camp Kiffin

Well, I definitely have been slow to update lately.  I guess this is the natural ebbs and flow as football comes and goes from season to offseason.  I have been on and off busy and have just been putting my free time more into other things in my life.  My heart just hasn’t been as much into it since the season ended, in part due to this last season being particularly taxing.  I took on additional posts such as the play breakdown analysis (which I enjoyed very much doing and they were in kind met with great response), but didn’t balance the workflow to make room for these new posts.  In response, I will probably review the schedule and priority of posts for next season.  I will likely write fewer statistical recaps of games, only writing them when something of particular note is seen.  Instead, I will probably try to consolidate these statistics into multiple game sections.  I might split the season into half or quarters and analyze it as such.  Please drop a note in the comments section if there is anything in particular you enjoyed or would like to see more of.

Anyways, I am signed up to attend Camp Kiffin this Friday and Saturday.  I hope this will help to further extend my knowledge of USC’s schemes as well as football in general.  If there are any specific questions or topics you would like me to bring up in either the offensive/defensive roundtable, Q & A sections, or even at the coaches social, please drop a note in the comment section and I will do my best to learn about that topic.


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