Slow to Update

As you guys have probably noticed, I have been pretty slow to update recently.  My last update was a recap of the Washington game two weeks ago.  I would like to apologize for being absent.  My schedule has been pretty busy lately and will be busy for at least another week.  I just haven’t had the time to commit the hours it takes to write each post.

After my schedule starts to ease off sometime next week, I still hope to do a quick recap of both the Oregon game and the finale against UCLA, if there is anything interesting that stands out when I review the data.  I am also considering doing a play analysis of the kickoff return for a touchdown a few weeks back, a look at complementary touchdown passes against Oregon (the first setup the second), and maybe some analysis of the touchdown plays against UCLA.  I will do my offseason posts which will look at statistics for the football season as a whole and am also looking to do a post chronicling Matt Barkley’s career to date.

So all in all, thanks for understanding and being patient when my posts come slowly.  I hope to come out with some really good posts in the coming weeks.



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