Offseason Plans

I have a few posts in mind to do during the offseason.  First, I will do a statistical season recap for the offense and for the defense.  This will be similar to the game-by-game stats, but will be season long.  It may have more in depth stats since the sample size is much greater for the season.

Next, I would like to do comparative stats for the USC Trojans in all categories.  This will be the same type of post as the midseason comparative stats.  Time permitting, I will also do a comparative stats post for every Pac-10 team to give a glimpse into where USC actually lies in the Pac.

I would also like to do another set of formation stats.  This will look into how USC utilized formations and motions and how each formation affected play calling.  This will be similar to the midseason formation posts.

Once these posts are done, I will likely take a break for the remainder of the offseason.  There won’t be much more to write on the stats side, and I also have started another project which will likely consume a good portion of my time.  Once the 2011 season nears, I will begin posting again, starting with a preview into our out-of-conference opponents and a preview towards the new Pac-12 teams, Utah and Colorado.

So keep an eye out, and look for new posts.  I will leave blog updates such as these with my intentions.


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