Prepping for the 2010 Season

Kickoff is about a month away.  I am hard at work implementing any final stats before the season starts.  Before the season starts, I would like to give the groundwork on how this blog will work.

For all USC games I will provide a public Google Doc spreadsheet which will be all of my compiled work.  This will include a parsed play-by-play sheet and compiled stats for each team.  This will be the raw data and is not meant to be pretty.  (Click here for an explanation of how to read the Spreadsheets).  For each game, this will be provided just after the game is finished.  For home games, so post-game results will also be delayed as I must return from the Coliseum to my home before I can compile and post the results.

I will then work on providing analysis of the game in question with the given stats.  I will pinpoint key stats which manifested during the game or various oddities.  This will likely take a few days after a game, hopefully by Monday or Tuesday.

Once the analysis of the completed game is complete, I will begin prepping for the next game on the schedule.  I will provide key statistics for the opposing team as the Trojans prepare for the game.

During bye weeks and/or time permitting, I will provide statistical analysis of games which indirectly involve USC.  These may be key games from conference opponents etc.


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